Top 10 Tips On How To Get More Website Hits – Semalt Advice

One of the ways that online ventures can be successful is by driving as much traffic to the site as possible. These ten tips stipulated by Max Bell, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, should increase your overall traffic and website hits.

#1.Submit the website to the top three search engines. They are Google, Bing, and Yahoo (now powered by Bing from Microsoft). This way, people will find the company's information when they do their searches.

#2.Create quality videos and submit them to video sharing websites. Make sure to include your URL at the beginning and end of the video, as well as in the description area. Informative videos get more people to visit the site.

#3.Share the website URL on Facebook. People that view the link will want to click on it and see what it entails. The good thing about Facebook is that once they do so, their friends will also see this action and want to also click on it. Keep updating the content on the site by sharing new articles and pages to maintain a regular flow of website traffic. Creating business pages on Facebook is also free.

#4. Always make sure that the content created is of quality and then submit it to popular article directories. In the author bio box, insert the website's address so that users can visit it if they like the content provided. It should also be related to the service offered.

#5. Share the website URL with your followers on Twitter. Currently, Twitter ranks top as the most used micro-blogging site. In it, people can send messages in the form of tweets to their followers. It has a great potential if used appropriately. There is also the option of installing social button features where the users can directly share content to other sites like Facebook and so on.

#6. Come up with creative images and post them on your site. Users who find relatable images will share them on sites like Pinterest. It is prudent to have one's images shared on such a platform as it is the top-ranked social media site for sharing pictures. It works similar to Facebook and Twitter, and due to its broad reach, it serves as a good source of website traffic as people who view the image will want to share it with their friends.

#7. Submit the website to indexing by Yellow pages and the local directories. Look for the lists that are popular at the location of operation or country. If people there carry out a query that matches what the website offers, there is high likelihood it will return as part of the results.

#8. Make sure that the site appears in the top classified ads section. In these websites, all the owner requires to do is to post their advertisement, with a detailed description, not forgetting to include the URL. When potential clients visit these popular ad sites, they will get a chance to browse the advert, and if the description is engaging enough, they will visit the site.

#9. Make use of the pay per click (PPC) programs. It is a paid option which sends traffic with an assurance of conversion. What happens is the site appears as a sponsored listing by one of the search engines and gets hits when people search for the top keywords.

#10. Use SEO. The technique helps the business to rank high on the search engines results page. Good sites will have their URLs shared among the public. Before implementing SEO, make sure to abide by the search engine guidelines.